The Best Motorcycle Movies Of All Time


Deep down inside all of us two-wheeled fanatics, there is something that ignited our love and obsession for motorcycles. Maybe it was seeing Evel Knievel’s famous Kings Island stunt, where he jumped 14 Greyhound Buses? Maybe, it was the first time you saw a pack of Hells Angels roaring down the road in there black leather’s and tricked out choppers? Maybe it was the first time you noticed that guys with bikes get all the chicks? I know for me personally, it was the first time I the movie saw Mad Max. Seeing all those souped up bikes just screaming down the road, man you couldn’t stop me from getting off a bike after that!


So to help bring back some good memories, I decided to throw together a list of the best motorcycle movies of all time. Now this list doesn’t include every single biker movie ever made, but these are the top ones that are cult classics, and loved by the masses. Even a non biker could appreciate these flicks. Enjoy!


Easy Rider


Easy Rider


Electra Glide In Blue


Hells Angels On Wheels




Mad Max


My Bodyguard




The Motorcycle Diaries


The Wild One




Viva Knevel


Wild Angels


World’s Fastest Indian


Now like I said before, this is only a small portion of the motorcycle movies, but the one’s I listed we’re voted the best of the best. In future posts, i’ll list off the best motorcycle scenes in movies. I dunno about you, but I’m going to grab my helmet, and jacket and hit the road. Safe Riding!




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